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Audit "a grana fine"
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Audit “a grana fine”

Feature introdotta a partire dalla release del RDBMS 9i, l’audit “a grana fine” estende le capacità di audit di Oracle.. Caratteristiche principali: – l’Audit periodico si può abilitare tramite il parametro AUDIT_TRAIL. FGA non richiede nessuna modifica di parametri. –...

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Moving Audit Trail Table

Reading the previous article posted on June 3 about enabling auditing in an Oracle Database, I'd like to add some other useful information. Oracle stores all the audit results in the SYS.AUD$ table, as stated in the previous article. But...

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The Oracle RDBMS provides various control functions of the system security. Among these, there is also a function of AUDIT TRAIL that lets you record any activity carried out on the database of interest. The control possibilities are very sophisticated...

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